As a coach and writer,
 I am a catalyst, change agent, educator, facilitator, 
and supporter.

Previously I worked as a leadership coach and management consultant, mostly based overseas.  A shift in focus has taken place.  Challenging chronic illness required me to make major changes in my life, particularly with my diet.  During this experience I obtained a Life Coaching Certificate, and was inspired to create a new coaching program to help others achieve their diet and dining goals.  A new workbook and new website are coming soon!  Yes indeed :) 
5% of TEAMWEAVER® profit goes to save our trees,
 our seas, and our bees.  And birdies too.
MY MISSION:  To advance and enhance Self-Empowerment (and Teamwork)

BACKGROUND:  Life/Leadership Coach, Writer/Author, Management Consulting

SPECIALTY:  Change Management, Personal / Leadership Development, 
                                Team & Organization Development

EDUCATION:  MS Education, BS Psychology, MBA, CPC (Certified Professional Coach)

 - TEAMQUEST  Team assessment tool.  
 - Transform Your Management Style (Book part of UK Institute of Directors series, also in Chinese)
 - Counselling Techniques for Managers  (Book also in Portuguese)